vineri, 10 august 2012

Email conversation

I'v been emailing with this guy, I'll call him Secret, for about a week now. I posted a dating ad on and this guy is the only one that responded, seems interesting and I didn't meet yet. We planned to meet 2 days ago at 8 pm but I forgot about a meeting I had planned for that evening so I asked him to meet later, at about 11 pm. He said ok, but at 10 he canceled saying he's too tired. He also can't meet the whole week and weekend, so it's postponed until next week.

I got a litte disappointed. Shouldn't submissive guys be thrilled they get that type of attention from me? Shouldn't they make an effort to meet me at least? You know the statistics, female dominants:submissive males are about 1:20 in the world. Take away the prodommes and the old and ugly and you'll see the chances a submissive guy has to meet a girl like me. Yeah, I feel I'm entitled to more than a normal girl gets.

I didn't know if my attitude described above is ok or not. I act like that when the relationship between me and others had something to do with domination and submission. I acted like that at times with my ex, ex1. I asked him what was his opinion and he bursted: You're egocentric and self absorbed, that's why I broke up with you! You shit and you sweat like all the people in the world, you're not something special blablablablabla! Asking him wasn't probably a good idea, he feels resentful. I also asked Secret. He said it doesn't seem wrong, my attitude (I had it with him as well in our emailing).

Today's question is: Am I a self absorbed bitch? Does the fact that I'm dominant give me the right to be like that with (my) submissive men?

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  1. I don't think it's anything wrong at all in your attitude..
    Maybe he is "submisive" in an incipient phase...just craving some practices.

    Also he may had an masturbation session that exhausted him that evening..After ejaculation he may not think the same about femdom..

    I experienced this kind of difficulty myself..that's why I think chastity is one of the primary practices when speaking about femdom..My opinion is that remaining "pure" helps the submissive a lot regarding his behaviour

  2. A bitch? don't know. Self absorbed? A bit.

    You can't say "I'm the mistress therefore you must obey, worship and respect me." The obedience and respect you get become forced and fake. You don't tell them you are better than a normal girl. you show them ! You're not better than a normal girl because you are a bdsm mistress, you are better than a normal girl because you are Claudia.

    Win the respect of your submissive men and you will see a certain spark in their eyes. You will become the goddess of their world. They will then do everything for you , they will worship you, they will crave your attention, they will move mountains for you if you only ask it.
    Just my late night opinions :)

    Best regards,