joi, 9 august 2012

My ex vanilla boyfriend Squin

   About 3-4 years ago, I had a boyfriend, I'll call him Squin, for a couple of months. I tried some stuff on him, like bondage and I fucked him with a stap-on, but it was weird because I couldn't sense neither pleasure or rejection from him. We broke up but we remained friends . In time, I briefly told him about some of my BDSM experiences and again, he seemed neutral to them.

   That is until some days ago, when he asked me if I can train him. I couldn't believe it. It seems he has submissive fantasies since forever but was never ok with them. In time, with vanilla experience, he says he developed into a switch. He even tried to make his girlfriend into a dominant one, but she can't do it. Now I have my ex, a beautiful and smart guy, that wants to explore his deepest fantasies with me. I got excited because I like him and I never had a complete newbie on my hands before. We met, reconnected and I started thinking what to do to this beautiful abusable man.

   I decided to give him some small tasks to complete every day before we get to a session. I will give him one a week but the one I gave the week before will remain as well, so at the end of the 4 weeks (this is the amount of time I intend to wait before actual play) he'll have 4 tasks to complete each day. I gave him the first task this morning and it sounded like this: 'every time you get sexually aroused you will squeeze your right nipple and think of me and you'll count and at the end of the day you'll tell me how many times that happened'. I got the idea with the nipple from Ezada's blog, but she talked about it in a different way. I want him to associate me with arousal and control (he has to squeeze his nipple when he's aroused) but she thought of it in a conditioned reflex way . 

   He's officially in training.


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